Upton Library latest victim of lead theft

Continuing our coverage of the ongoing spate of lead thefts in the Chester area, Maxiflow have been informed of yet another target. Upton Library have become the latest high-profile victim in a series of crimes which have occurred over the last few months.

The theft from the library on Wealstone Lane was particularly brazen, occurring on the roof of a building which is only a single storey high in the middle of a residential area. Though we do not know whether the crimes are directly connected, it is clear that the thieves are becoming increasingly opportunistic. Businesses and public services cannot afford to assume that their roofs are safe because of natural deterrents such as location and accessibility.

> More photos from Upton library

As our coverage demonstrates, thieves can and will strip the lead from every type of building and even from unthinkable places such as war memorials. Maxiflow sincerely believe that pro-active prevention is better than dealing with the aftereffects of a devastating act of vandalism. We would advise that anybody with a lead installation give consideration to services such as forensic marking which are designed to effectively deter and catch these criminals.

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As ever, if you have any information on any cases of stolen lead in the area, please inform the Cheshire Police.

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