Chester conference on tackling heritage crimes

Prevention and Detection of Heritage Crime

The large number of occurrences of vandalism to local historic buildings and monuments, including the theft of lead and other valuable scrap metals, has prompted officials from Cheshire governing bodies and law officials to call a special conference.

As Maxiflow’s coverage on this blog can attest, incidents of damaged heritage properties such as churches, visitor centres, museums and even war memorials have increased to a level which necessitates a call to action.

The Prevention and Detection of Heritage Crime seminar, hosted by Cheshire West & Cheshire at Bishop Lloyd’s Palace on Watergate Street, is being held today (Friday 28th October) to discuss tactics for dealing with these appalling crimes in an effective and lasting manner.

RedWeb Molecular Taggent Spray

Up for consideration will be schemes such as:

  • Metal replacement, which involves installing a material with low resale value in place of the highly-priced commodities of lead, copper and brass in order to prevent collateral damage to irreplaceable stonework by careless vandals.
  • Forensic tagging, in the form of products such as Maxiflow’s affiliate RedWeb Asset Marking Sprays and Grease, which can tag valuable assets with a unique DNA signature that can transfer onto criminals, providing an irrefutable link to the crime.

We at Maxiflow give the conference our full support and wish the attendees every success in devising effective solutions to these problems.

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