Maxiflow apprentice named Employee of the Month October 2011

Maxiflow Employee of the Month for October 2011
Maxiflow apprentice Floyd (right) with Building Team Member Aaron

We’re extremely proud to report that our young apprentice Floyd has been declared Maxiflow Employee of the Month!

As we have covered in a previous blog post, Floyd came to us through West Cheshire College‘s apprenticeship scheme and he has quickly become a valued member of the Maxiflow Building Team.

Demonstrating a level of commitment that is extremely admirable for a 17-year-old, Floyd has risen to every challenge we have offered him. The demands of the building trade can be tough, requiring quick thinking and a deceptively large set of skills, so for our young apprentice to have excelled everyone’s expectations is remarkable.

Floyd has mainly been dedicating his time to working on our projects at Chester Market, where stallholders have told us about his hard work and upbeat attitude.

Well done Floyd!

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