Maxiflow proud to sponsor Autograss motor racing team

Maxiflow-branded Autograss competitor
Photo courtesy of abSnapshots

Maxiflow have been cheering on the excellent performance of our sponsored team in the current season of North Wales Autograss motor racing.

North Wales Autograss (NWA) is the regional division of the National Autograss Sport Association, the non-contact motorsport which promotes family-friendly fun and the spirit of fair competition. Maxiflow Contracts Director Warren Beatty is the Chairman of the NWA and a fervent participant in the events, heading up the WCL team.

Pictured above is one of the Maxiflow-branded vehicles driven by WCL team member Carl Kent. We currently have 4 sponsored machines which have been actively competing during the 2011 season, and we wish our team the best of luck in 2012!

> View more photos at the abSnapshots website

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