Re-roofing Chester Zoo accommodation

Maxiflow tiling & slating

Continuing our commitment to carbon reduction, Maxiflow have replaced the roof on a property owned by Chester Zoo.

Upgrading your home’s insulation is one of the most pro-active steps you can take for a low-carbon future.

As we all know, laws of convection cause the heat generated by your central heating system to rise, meaning that a shocking amount of thermal energy can be lost through inadequately constructed and shielded roofs.

By minimizing the amount of heat your home loses, you can reduce your resource expenditure as well as saving yourself money on gas/electric bills.

Before a Maxiflow Roof Replacement

Before a Maxiflow Roof Replacement

This project involved a complete roof refurbishment, owing to the property’s roof reaching the end of its practical life.

In addition to the highly visible and attractive re-tiling work, the insulation was completely upgraded. Maxiflow can now guarantee a cosy winter for the Zoo’s offsite accommodation.

After a Maxiflow Roof Replacement

After a Maxiflow Roof Replacement

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