Renovations at Chester Market & The Forum

New Chester Market Stall

Maxiflow have continued to strengthen our partnership with Enterprise PLC, carrying out work for Cheshire West & Chester Council on Chester Market and the council offices at the Forum.

We have constructed a number of new stalls in the Market and refurbished several others. These works are part of a package which is designed to breathe new life into old and unused areas of the Market which have fallen into disuse.

Chester Forum Office reception (Before)

Chester Forum Office reception (Before)

A recent highlight has been our conversion of the former reception area at the Forum offices into an inviting, warm space that can comfortably accommodate visitors. We dismantled the existing reception desk, added a vibrant blue carpet around the desk area and repainted select walls and furnishings in a pastel purple. This exercise added a touch of colour to an area which was formerly quite monochrome and sterile, de-emphasizing the formality of the setting in order to make the entrance more welcoming.

Chester Forum Office reception (After)

Chester Forum Office reception (After)

This is an ongoing project, so we will have more to report soon!

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