Balcony replacement at Woodfield House for Chester & District Housing Trust

Woodfield House, Kingsway

In partnership with Chester & District Housing Trust (CDHT), Maxiflow are undertaking a large project at Woodfield House in the Kingsway area of Chester.

A pair of balconies connected to the housing block have fallen into a state of considerable disrepair and Maxiflow will be working with CDHT to fix the damage.

Walkway damage in Kingsway, Chester

As illustrated by the above photograph, the structural integrity of parts of the balcony have become compromised due to a combination of weather damage and frequent footfall.

The large elevated walkway provides the primary means of access to the second-floor flats in the building. Maxiflow will be working very intently to ensure that our schedule of works cause the minimum amount of disruption to the building’s residents.

We will be entirely replacing the balcony with a custom-designed solution, more details of which will follow as work progresses.

Balcony damage in Kingsway, Chester

A smaller balcony connected to a single property shows signs of the same issues and will also be completely replaced.

We will have more information about this important project soon.

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