Domestic slating & tiling photographs

Domestic roof slating & tiling in Chester

We have a new photo album in our gallery, which will compile examples of our slating & tiling work.

We aim for this album to not only contain examples of our completed jobs but to also capture our work in progress, giving an insight into the processes we undertake to guarantee you the very best slate and tile roofs in Cheshire.

Domestic roof slating & tiling in Chester

Our first set of photographs show a complete tile re-roof in progress, demonstrating the essential role that technology such as the BUMPA conveying system plays in ensuring health and safety when working at heights.

The transit of a large quantity of heavy (yet fragile) tiles between storeys of a building traditionally presented many hazards, including the uneven distribution of weight when ascending a ladder as well as the issues in securing rope & pulley systems to guarantee stability.

The BUMPA loader delivers tiles directly from ground level to operatives on the roof, minimizing the dangers associated with manually handling heavy objects.

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