Drain choked by heavy root infestation

Drain clogged by tree roots, unblocked by Maxiflow Drains in Chester

We’ve found a lot of curious things down people’s drains over the years, from credit cards and wedding rings to the entire contents of a toy chest belonging to a child fascinated by flushing.

But occasionally, we find ourselves amazed by the sheer volume of foreign material that can accumulate in a drain before bringing the system to a standstill.

A recent domestic drain cleaning job found the drainage team faced with a formidable opponent:

Maxiflow professional drain unblocking in Chester

This two-metre-long tangled knot of roots covered so much ground in this narrow alleyway that we had difficulty fitting it into a single photograph!

The roots had infested the pipes beneath a terraced garden gradually over the course of several years, before inevitably choking the system into submission.

Maxiflow’s advice? Watch out, because you’ll never know what might be lurking beneath your home, unless you have the professionals check it out!

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