Introducing: The Maxiflow Safety Training Suite

Maxiflow Computers

Furthering our commitment to health and safety in the workplace, we at Maxiflow have introduced a new training facility for our employees.

Maxiflow have developed a package of custom training modules, designed to keep team members up-to-date with current safety regulations, as well as acting as a refresher for existing knowledge and skills.

All of these training modules are available online for completion at any time of day, but we decided to go the extra step and provide our team members with a dedicated suite of computers. This allows us to provide immediate technical support and removes any technological barriers – after all, it’s unfair to demand that everyone we employ has their own personal computer at home.

A team member may have up to three modules to complete:

  1. Essentials – Training that applies to every member of staff.
  2. Division-specific – Training that is relevant to the needs of the team member’s day-to-day operations.
  3. Job-specific – Occasionally, training may be required for individual jobs or sites, so we have the facility to provide courses as necessary.

The courses cover everything from instructional videos to assessed tests, with certificates of completion issued at the end of each course.

We at Maxiflow would like to extend our gratitude to the everyone who has made this system possible.

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