New Metal Theft In Ellesmere Port

Metal theft from Walmsley Furniture roof in Ellesmere Port

A business in the center of Ellesmere Port has become the latest victim of metal theft in the Cheshire area.

The Walmsley Furniture store on Marina Walk contacted Maxiflow because they believed the recent high winds in the north west of England had blown off part of their roof.

However, when Maxiflow Roofing investigated we discovered the telltale signs of vandalism and determined that this incident was the work of unscrupulous metal thieves.

Roof damage at Walmsley Furniture in Ellesmere Port

The copper sheeting had been stripped from the roof of the building’s lift shaft, leaving the shuttering exposed and the structure susceptible to damage from rainwater and/or the ongoing strong winds.

Our growing archive of metal thefts from local roofs reinforces the need for home and business owners alike to stay vigilant about the potentially valuable metals (such as lead or copper) that are installed on their roofs.

In addition to traditional security measures such as CCTV, Maxiflow are advocates for Molecular Taggent technology, a type of forensic marking that can provide an indelible link back to a crime.

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