Competition – Can you think of a new name for Sainsbury’s Roundabout in Chester?

Sainsbury's Roundabout, A41 Chester
We at Maxiflow want to hear your opinions on this year’s most controversial road network alteration in Chester, with a chance to win money for charity!

The ‘hamburger’ roundabout on the A41 in Chester, popularly known as the Sainsbury’s Roundabout, was completed late last week after six months’ development.

The intent of the new system is to provide better throughflow for the Chester Ring Road and the North Wales Expressway, which now form one continuous road.

Rather than merging traffic from all five directions into one roundabout, ‘hamburgers’ create two traffic flows which interconnect – essentially a roundabout with a road running through its center.

Sainsbury's Roundabout in Chester

The six months’ roadworks have been tough on local residents and businesses, causing disruption at all hours and seeing long tailbacks along all connected roads.

The Maxiflow offices are just off the A41 (Whitchurch Road) so we have experienced the very worst of the delays, morning and night, with untold numbers of complaints from our customers and visitors.

During the long tailbacks we’ve found ourselves stuck in day after day, we’ve had plenty of time to attempt to make sense of the roundabout’s new look. What exactly is the point of the new pintsize rolling hillocks?

They’re too tall to see over from your car or van, meaning that the removal of the trees because they “obstructed drivers’ vision” was largely pointless. They’re too small and uneven for attractive new features such as art installations.

But we’ve figured it out! We’ve come up with two possibilities for the future of the roundabout:

Teletubby Land

Teletubbies Roundabout
A new home for the Teletubbies, who have been searching for somewhere to live for a decade. We think they’d feel right at home with the endless repetition that occurs at the roundabout.

New Hobbiton

Hobbiton Roundabout
Or if the space is too small, who better to make the roundabout their home than Middle Earth’s tiniest people? They’d probably enjoy the irony of living inside a destroyed ring.

We’d like to invite our readers to come up with their own ideas for new names and uses for the former roundabout. Whoever can come up with the best idea, we’ll donate £50 to the charity of the winner’s choice.

We will feature the best entries on this website, so if you have a good idea, get in contact and win some money for charity!

You can comment on this post or email competition@maxiflow.co.uk to enter.

Terms and conditions:

  • All entries must be received by Sunday 15th January 2012.
  • Entries without contact information will not be accepted.
  • The winner will be chosen by the Maxiflow office team and notified no later than Friday 20th January 2012.
  • If the winner has not selected a charity by Friday 3rd February 2012 and notified Maxiflow, the £50 donation will be made to Save The Children.


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