Preventing Flooding at Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo Drainage

Throughout December, Maxiflow have been continuing our long partnership with Chester Zoo by carrying out a program of essential drainage works.

British weather is notoriously unpredictable, especially during the winter months, and many types of businesses are at risk from heavy rainfall and the effects of snow and sleet. The logistics of effectively managing large volumes of surface water and sodden earth are incredibly difficult without a well-maintained drainage system.

Zoos are particularly vulnerable, given their large sizes and semi-rural composition, as Chester Zoo discovered when nature attempted to reclaim their pipe network.

Chester Zoo Flood Prevention

After days of continuous rainfall, the canals which host Chester Zoo’s boat ride were in danger of bursting their banks. This not only presented a danger to the public, but also had the potential to flood several animal enclosures.

When we investigated, we discovered that the concrete chamber overflow wasn’t regulating the canal’s level as intended. What we found inside rivalled our previous record for drain blockage:

Chester Zoo Root Infestation

The effort to unclog the extremely heavy root infestation took several hours’ careful work to avoid damaging the pipes, but such efforts are extremely satisfying once you see the fruits of your labour!

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