Public toilet vandalism at Whitby Park, Ellesmere Port

Whitby Park Public Toilet Vandalism

Maxiflow were contacted to assess the damage caused in a recent incident at Whitby Park in Ellesmere Port.

The doors to the public toilet facilities have been damaged by vandals, suspected to be a group of youths who have been observed loitering near the area after dark.

All three toilet doors have been kicked repeatedly in an attempt to break the night-time locks which secure the outbuilding.

Disabled Public Toilet Vandalism

The male toilet door was worst hit, suffering a broken lock and shattered frame.

Perhaps most disheartening is the attempted destruction of the disabled toilet facility’s door. Though the lock held, the damage is great enough to both the door and frame to require a complete replacement of both.

The female toilet door remained relatively unscathed and the lock was not breached, evidently the vandals were either spooked away during their attempt or simply became bored with their mindless violence.

Public Toilet Vandalism in Ellesmere Port

This is not the first such incident at the facility, with the outbuilding’s drainpipes having been pulled from their housing some weeks prior.

In the short term, Maxiflow will be repairing all three doors and fitting upper and lower deadlocks to increase security. As a long term solution we are considering installing completely new doors and frames, re-hinged to opening outwards to prevent being kicked inwards.

We are consulting with our clients on preventative solutions to deter night-time vandalism in the park, such as installation of a ‘mosquito alarm’. These devices emit an unpleasant high-pitched tone which can only be heard by youths, theoretically keeping bored teenagers away from area where they can cause pointless crimes such as these.

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