Basement flooding at the University of Chester

Flooding at Chester University

Hello and welcome back to the Maxiflow blog! Our office staff may have been away over the festive period, but our operatives have been out and about throughout Christmas and New Year.

Last week, the drainage team were called out to react to a basement flooding at the University of Chester underneath one of the campus buildings.

One of the 4 inch pipes underneath the pool had burst its end cap, gushing a steady torrent of hot water into the sealed basement. When we arrived, the water level had risen to over 7 feet, which was up to the ceiling in one of the diminutive basement rooms.

University of Chester Pool Basement flooding

Our primary task was to prevent the water level from rising any higher. Due to the labyrinthine network of pipes servicing the pool building, isolating the source of the water necessitated shutting off valves at various points around the campus one at a time, which was a time-consuming process.

With our Venturi Jet Pumps at full power we were successfully turning back the tide, but progress was slow. Compounding the problem was the fact that the steam rising off the pool of hot water was constantly obscuring everybody’s vision, including fogging up the glasses of the plumber!

Eventually, the issue was resolved with the deployment of a heavy-duty industrial tow-behind pump, which evacuated enough water to allow for effective repair access. After several hours’ hard work, we successfully prevented the University from housing a world-first multi-storey pool!

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