Competition Results – Nicknaming Chester’s Boughton Heath Roundabout

Maxiflow Boughton Heath Roundabout Competition

We at Maxiflow would like to thank everybody who has taken the time to enter our competition to nickname Chester’s Boughton Heath roundabout.

The competition ran for a month and closed on Sunday. The prize for our favourite entry is £50 towards the charity of the entrant’s choice, and we will reveal the winner further down the page.

The response has been absolutely overwhelming. We can safely say that we were not expecting the range of reactions that we received, and when you hear about the month we’ve had, you’ll understand why…

As shown in the picture above, coverage of the competition made its way into the Chester Chronicle newspaper, which can also be found on their website, and also featured on local radio.

We would like to thank the media outlets who took an interest in our story, the large volume of entries we received would not have been possible without mainstream media coverage.

The coverage also prompted a Council representative to respond to our comments in a subsequent Chester Chronicle article.

Cheshire West and Chester respond to Maxiflow

However, what the council may not have been anticipating is that while we were away over the Christmas and New Year break, members of the public were leaping to defend the Roundabout!

Amongst the jokes and puns were a number of entries containing messages that were complimentary about the new system in both looks and functionality:

Most of the roundabouts problems come from people not paying attention. It is clearly sign posted from every direction so I don’t know why people get so confused. It may not be as simple as a roundabout but who says simple is always better?

I think the new Sainbury Roundabout looks quite nice, afterall the TeleTubbies didn’t live on a rubbish tip!

In addition, we’ve gained a lot of sympathy for the contractors who were responsible for constructing the new system. A few of the comments directed towards them are unpublishable thanks to their vitriol, but here are a couple of milder examples:

Perhaps it could be called ‘ Massacre Roundabout. Of course it could be where the Road Engineers are buried so perhaps ‘The Burial Isles’

May I also offer my congratulations on achieving something that has not been possible since Roman Times. That is to make Chester impregnable to all who attempt to enter. Had your construction been available to Charles 1st the Roundheads under Cromwell would never have prevailed. Well done.

Overall, however, it was a minority of entrants that expressed extreme displeasure with the new ‘Hamburger’ roundabout. Most people were either having a laugh or had been wound-up by the temporary roadworks, same as us.

We will state for the record that we have found the roundabout to be much better in the new year, the 5PM tailbacks are thankfully a thing of the past!

The Winner:

The redevelopment has clearly inspired a lot of passion on both sides. We have chosen a winner that we feel reflects the light-hearted spirit we intended the competition to have:

The Kriss Kross
Because the fuss about the whole situation is a load of nonsense that will be forgotten about in a couple of years.

We will be contacting the winner to find out which charity they have chosen and will post the answer as soon as we get it!

Once again, thank you to everyone who has taken part.

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