How to protect your roof from metal thieves – Part 1

Maxiflow preventing criminals from damaging your roof

The theft of valuable metals from public and private buildings has grown into a major problem over the last few years in the UK.

Initiatives such as a Metal Theft Taskforce have been enacted by the Home Office, helping to throttle thieves’ revenue sources by cracking down on the existing supply chains.

Although measures such as these are sensible and practical, and very useful in increasing public awareness of the problem, they can be little comfort to the businesses owners who have had their livelihood threatened because of the extensive damage that has resulted from metal theft.

We have covered a large number of lead thefts on this blog, and we have witnessed everything from a flooded library to shops with gaping holes through their ceiling, demonstrating that buisnesses have more to fear from vandalism than mere cosmetic damage.

At Maxiflow, our motto has always been prevention is better than cure. When installing a new roof, we follow three simple guidelines:

  1. SECURE the property as far as possible
  2. MINIMISE potential threats
  3. TRACK criminals back to the crime

What do we mean when we say we can track criminals? How do we recommend our clients secure their roofs?

Each day this week, Maxiflow will be giving advice on how to protect your property from metal thefts.

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