How to protect your roof from metal thieves – Part 3

Mulberry Day Service roofing lead replacement

This is the third part of our week-long series of articles on metal thefts. Click here for part one and here for part two.

Lead is a traditional material used in roofing and custom leadwork installations continue to be a high-prestige commodity, and for very good reasons!

Lead is one of the most versatile assets a roofer can work with, due to its incredible durability and the beautiful decorative touches it can add to any property. However, it is also one of the most valuable materials in the entire construction industry, making it a common target of thieves. Luckily, there are ways to gain most of the benefits of a lead roof with far fewer risks.

Recently, Maxiflow were at the Mulberry Day Service centre in Chester and we were able to offer them a custom solution to their roofing needs.

We were tasked with renewing the top-edge flashing around their atrium-style skylights and wanted to enhance the attractiveness of the feature. Traditionally, lead would have been employed for this purpose but we opted for a different solution.

We deployed an artificial lead system which looks strikingly close to the real thing and has no resale value, rendering it useless to thieves. This anti-vandal system offers competitive durability and flexibility, retaining many of the advantages of a traditional lead roof.

But what if such a solution isn’t practical for your property? Over the next two days we will be finding out the problems that are faced by heritage properties and how we believe they can be solved.

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