Daylight lead theft from Co-op shop in Mold

Co-op Roof Lead Theft

We’ve covered a lot of lead thefts on this blog, but we don’t think we’ve come across one quite as brazen as this!

A branch of Co-operative Food in Mold town centre has become one of the latest businesses affected by the ongoing spate of metal thefts.

The lead surrounding the roof’s perimeter had been stripped away, leaving the interior walls vulnerable to the elements.

Daylight lead theft from Co-operative Food shop

Co-op staff carried out one of their weekly property inspections on the site and discovered the damage.

What makes this case stand out from the rest, however, is that the crime is believed to have been committed in broad daylight!

Upon investigation, it was discovered that several witnesses may have seen the thieves but not alerted staff because they “believed the men were supposed to be up there”.

This theft stands out as a striking example of how brazen the current crop of metal thieves have become. We don’t believe we’re wrong to warn the public to be extra vigilant, especially when thefts are occurring right above peoples’ heads!

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