Installing a sedum green roof in Snowdonia National Park

Ecologically-friendly roofing

At Maxiflow, we are driven to seek out environmentally-conscious solutions for our customers’ needs. As you’ll see, we take the idea of a green roof quite literally…

In association with E. T. Pugh Building Contractors, we were contracted to install a new roof on a hall in the small village of Corris Uchaf.

Nestled within the breathtaking surroundings of Snowdonia National Park, Tyn Y Berth Hall occupies a prominent location within the community.

Preserving the outstanding natural beauty of the area was, as always, a key concern for us.

Boarding for a sedum roof

A special location calls for a special roof, so the decision to install a Sedum Roof was both a logical and ecological choice!

Sedum is a flowering plant that can be cultivated on a roof, producing a natural layer of greenery that brings a number of benefits to a homeowner:

  • CARBON REDUCTION: Increasing the amount of oxygenating plant life ion your property can help reduce your household’s carbon footprint. The larger your roof, the greater the benefit!
  • LOW-MAINTENANCE BEAUTY: Sedum grows in a shallow layer of substrate, keeping its growth restricted and requiring minimal maintenance.
  • ADDITIONAL WATERPROOFING: The densely interwoven plants absorb excess moisture and can provide an extra layer of waterproofing atop your roof.

Applying Firestone EPDM rubber layer

Maxiflow’s roofing team started on this project in the early hours of the day, aiming to minimize local disruption by maximising the time available for the job.

In just one day, the team re-boarded the roof and installed our custom Firestone EPDM rubber roofing system.

This rugged, durable system offers a multitude of benefits for all types of roof, including providing a solid and secure housing for this green roof.

Applying Firestone EPDM rubber layer

We at Maxiflow are very excited about the possibilities offered by combining our tried-and-tested methods and expertise with innovative new eco-friendly solutions, but what do you think?

Do you see green roofing catching the public imagination or will it remain a specialist solution?

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