Watch graffiti disappear thanks to high-pressure water-jetting!

Graffiti Removal and Cleaning in Chester

You’ve seen the difference that a professional surface cleaning can make on a moss-slicked back alley thanks to the Maxiflow blog, but the jet-washing wonders don’t end there!

Professional graffiti removal in Chester

Graffiti can be extremely unsightly, and it can pop up anywhere! Although it only takes a vandal a few seconds to spraypaint a wall, it would take hours to scrub it away by hand.

Hand-washing to the degree required to remove paint also carries the disadvantage of being very abrasive, which can scour the surface and leave a permanent imprint of the graffiti on the wall.

High-powered water jetting in Chester

Enter Maxiflow’s expert drainage team, who can apply their high-pressure water-jetting expertise to any surface.

It makes no difference if vandals have spraypainted a porous surface such as a brick wall or a solid metal shutter, our equipment can remove it quickly and harmlessly.

Before and after graffiti removal with high pressure water jetting

The combination of highly pressurised water and environmentally-friendly chemicals can return your wall to an entirely unsullied state.

This, tragically, means that RED, John, Pablo and Dave will have to look for another way to leave their permanent mark on this world.

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