How to protect your roof from metal thieves – Part 5

Forensic Tagging Warning Sign

As discussed yesterday, we believe that there are real problems with most anti-climb paint products. Their ineffectiveness was becoming a real problem for us, because we are very proud of our leadwork and don’t think that it should cease to be a viable roofing option because of thieves.

For these reasons and more, Maxiflow are proud to be proponents of the new Molecular Taggent Technology developed by RedWeb Security. We are confident that this technology provides solid solutions for the future viability of leadwork installations.

How does it work? Our Asset Marker grease can be applied by our licenced installers directly to your valuable assets. This is not limited to roofing materials; from a manhole cover to electric cables, we can invisibly coat your assets without altering their day-to-day appearance.

But what, you may ask, is the difference between our anti-theft products and others on the market? It’s simple: An indelible link from the criminal to the crime scene.

How is this achieved? Well, that’s the clever part. Asset Marker products are saturated with millions of microscopic ultra-violet beads, each of which have a DNA code that can be detected using forensic equipment.

Every batch of Asset Marker grease is encoded with a unique, individual signature. If you touch a surface coated with the grease, it invisibly transfers to you, your clothes and anything else you come into contact with.

What does this mean for metal thieves? Well, these crimes aren’t elegant procedures. Roofing materials, particularly lead, are very heavy. Transporting the stolen goods requires several people and a vehicle, all of which connect with the tracked asset, no matter how briefly.

All it takes is for one 1 x 50 micron particle to be detected anywhere on the criminal, their clothing or their vehicle and law enforcement teams have an unbreakable chain of evidence straight to the criminal.

We believe that educating the public about this technology and rolling it out across high-profile properties will help effectively dissuade criminals from marked areas.

Could YOU be sure that a single drop of incriminating evidence hasn’t followed you from the crime scene? Could you wash everything you own to the degree that we couldn’t find a tiny micron somewhere? Would anybody take that risk?

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