See the difference a professional surface cleaning can make!

Maxiflow Surface Cleaning and Jet Washing Service in Chester

As part of our series of blogs detailing our jobs before and after completion, we thought we would do something a bit different this time.

The animations below demonstrate the striking visual impact you can get from a Maxiflow surface cleaning.

From dirty to dainty

The Maxiflow drainage team have a regular surface cleaning contract with this long-established business in Chester City Centre.

The rear fire escape has proven to be a magnet for moss and pigeon foul, given that we were last here less than a year ago!

From filthy to fancy

Aside from being unsightly, the unpleasant conditions also present some safety hazards. In addition to being unsanitary, bird mess and moss are a slippery combination, potentially leading to accidents along the emergency exit route.

From revolting to resounding

We think you can agree that the team has done an excellent job in restoring the paving slabs and concrete to top hygienic standards, making this area a lot more pleasant for staff and visitors.

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