12-Hour Rowathon raises over £4000 for Children in Need!

Team Maxirow at the University of Chester Rowathon

Last Friday, Maxiflow took part in a 12-Hour Rowathon at the University of Chester for Children in Need.

Seven members of the Maxiflow Building team, volunteered their time and energy to help raise money for a good cause, becoming the rowing powerhouse known as Team Maxirow.

Fifty teams on fifty static rowing machines, graciously provided by Concept2, and an astonishing number of competitors filled Downes Sports Hall on the University campus.

You see, we had not anticipated one very important thing: there was no limit on the number of people who could be on one team.

Team Maxirow at the University of Chester Rowathon

As a result, there were only a handful of teams who maintained the same small group of competitors for the 12 hour duration.

So, a long day felt even longer as Maxirow watched other teams frequently swapping out their entire roster for fresh faces, opting to run their race as a series of sprints instead of a marathon.

However, adrenaline levels were kept high thanks to the spirit of friendly competition. Organizers from the University monitored the total distance covered on each machine and gave frequent updates naming the leading teams.

Hearing that they were consistently in the top 5 gave the lads an incredible push and an incentive to keep forging ahead.

The members of Team Maxirow pushed themselves to their limit and achieved an incredible Third Place in the competition!

Team Maxirow at the University of Chester Rowathon

Overall, the event raised over £4000 for Children in Need, easily clearing the target total of £2500.

We would like to thank the organizers from the University of Chester for expertly setting up and moderating the event, which was a ton of fun and should be considered a great success.

Additional thanks to GB Signs who provided our Maxirow.co.uk t-shirts free of charge and sponsored the team!

Special thanks to the members of Team Maxirow:

  • Aaron Ankers
  • Kevin Beatty
  • Warren Beatty
  • Jeremy Brandreth
  • Floyd Evans
  • Mike Graham
  • Paul Russell
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