Drain excavation and repair at Elton Primary School

Elton Primary School in Cheshire

In partnership with Enterprise, the Maxiflow drainage team were contracted to investigate and repair a reported drain fault at Elton Primary School.

Elton is a village in the North West of Cheshire, and the primary school is attended by approximately 300 pupils. The drain problems were severely disrupting day-to-day operations at the school, and when we investigated it was easy to see why!

Drain Excavation at Elton Primary School in Cheshire

Sending cameras along the pipes for a CCTV survey revealed two major issues that were severely impacting the system, in addition to a number of minor structural faults.

Before and after pictures inside playground drain at Elton Primary School in Cheshire

Underneath the school’s playground, a section of the drain had collapsed. Because the integrity of the pipe had been severely breached, the contents of the drain were leaking into the surrounding area, potentially contaminating the local water table, and severely affecting the the pressure of the entire system.

Because this problem was too severe for a simple patch repair, our team excavated down to the defective branch connection through the playground’s tarmac. The pipe and fittings were entirely replaced, and were covered in class B bedding before the hole was backfilled and the tarmac was reinstated.

Maxiflow drain excavation - before and after

The second major issue lay underneath an access ramp. Two of the lateral connections had become separated due to subsidence, affecting the pressure and flow along a critical intersection.

Before and after pictures inside access ramp drain at Elton Primary School in Cheshire

This presented a minor problem as the access ramp is located underneath a canopy, making access difficult for our large excavator. We accounted for this during the planning stage of the project and allowed for a micro digger to also be present on site specifically for this section of the job.

Once the excavation was completed we replaced the connectors on the laterals, making the connection solid once more. It was also neccessary to reset the pipe level, accounting for the ground shifts due to subsidence.

Tarmac replacement after drain repair at Elton Primary School in Cheshire

The minor structural faults identified along the line between two manholes required less invasive repair work. A high-pressure water jetting was carried out inside the pipe, cleaning the line of debris and washing the inner surfaces in preparation for the final stage. Resin patch liners were installed at various points along the line, providing a layer of rigid, waterproof material to reinforce the structural integrity of the pipe.

Drain Excavation by Maxiflow at Elton Primary School in Cheshire

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