Maxiflow help charm worms at Tattenhall Park Primary School Fun Day!

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This summer, the staff, children and parents of Tattenhall Park Primary School held a Fun Day to help raise money for the school. In addition to the usual niceties such as stands selling cakes and child-friendly rides, the Fun Day also featured an event which was designed to give people the creepy-crawlies!

Worm Charming is a competitive event in which teams attempt to coax the largest number of worms out of their allocated plot of land. Because worms are sensitive to sound vibrations, the teams are challenged to devise creative methods to produce their worm-attracting good vibrations!

This year was the second annual Worm Fest at Tattenhall Park Primary. To help out with the event we at Maxiflow donated several dozen outdoor chairs to the school. Luckily the weather held out on the day, so the chairs saw plenty of use!

I would like to convey my sincere thanks for your kind donation of chairs in aid of our Fun Day and Worm Fest here at Tattenhall Park Primary.

We had a terrific day on Saturday with stalls, competitions, rides, refreshments and, of course, the Worm Charming event. The afternoon was a great success and, with the support from local businesses, community and friends, we raised much needed funds for the school.

Laura Noble, Head Teacher, Tattenhall Park Primary School

We would like to thank Mrs Noble for her kind words and would be happy to help with events in the future!

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