A good deed leads to Maxiflow Employee of the Month!

Maxiflow Operative Danny Gives Thumbs Up

With all the doom and gloom in the news these days, it’s nice to hear a story that reaffirms your faith in humanity.

At the end of last week, we received the following email:

Just a short message to the young lad who helped my mother (who is 69) walk home with her shopping on Tuesday 25th June – she didn’t get his name (or she forgot it!)

Because my mother hurt her wrist as she got off the bus on Hoole Lane, she wasn’t able to carry her shopping.

Next door said he was wearing a Maxiflow t-shirt. [the Maxiflow employee] asked if [next door neighbour] could help her into the house because [the Maxiflow employee] had his pup with him.

I know of Maxiflow as I used to work in the college. I know it’s not much information to find out who to say thanks to – very little people like that in the world these days. A real gentleman, many thanks!

Mr P Davies

We found out that the employee in question is Danny, a member of our Drainage team. For his modesty and insistence that he “didn’t do anything special, it’s what anyone would have done”, we have made Danny our Employee of the Month for June 2013.

Congratulations, Danny!

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