Maxiflow wins Most Considerate Company 2013 at Considerate Constructors National Company Awards

Considerate Constructors National Company Awards 2013 Maxiflow Certificates and Trophy

We at Maxiflow are extremely proud to announce that we have won TWO prestigious awards at the Considerate Constructors 2013 National Company Awards.

We have been declared Considerate Constructors’ Most Considerate Company 2013, in addition to receiving a Gold Award!

The Considerate Constructors Scheme is dedicated to improving the image of the construction industry in the UK. The scheme works alongside hundreds of companies nationwide, engaging its members in an ever-evolving conversation about public responsibility. The scheme has had great success helping companies to fully realise their responsibilities to worksites and their neighbours.

Considerate Constructors Most Considerate Company 2013 Trophy and Certificate

Maxiflow has been registered with the scheme since 2009, and we have enjoyed a succession of positive audits and site inspections from the organization over the years. This year, Considerate Constructors praised Maxiflow for the “culture of support for the community [that] runs throughout the company”. We consider this sentiment to reflect aspects of our company such as our recently-launched Accesswatch scheme, which aims to keep members of the public informed about our access-impairing works.

At the 2012 National Company Awards, we won a Bronze Award, which was a great source of pride for everyone in the company. In a statement following that win, Maxiflow Contracts Director Warren Beatty declared that “[We] are aiming for a Gold Award next year!”. This was an ambitious assertion, given the relatively small size of our company, a family-run company from Chester, compared to some of our competition. We returned to Plaisterers’ Hall at One London Wall for this years’ ceremony with a realistic hope that we could match our previous achievement. Naturally, we were blown away when they announced our name for both awards.

Considerate Constructors - Most Considerate Company and Gold Award 2013

Maxiflow Building Foreman Kevin Beatty, Contracts Director Warren Beatty and Mechanical & Electrical Manager Anthony Drury celebrate at the ceremony.
(Photo courtesy of Considerate Constructors)

In a statement, Maxiflow Managing Director Kevin McLeod has said:

All of us at Maxiflow consider winning a Gold Award and being named Most Considerate Company to be incredible achievements. We are truly honoured to have been considered as contenders for both awards, and the fact that we took home double gold is astounding. I would like to personally thank Warren for his dedication, his motivational skills and for being the driving force behind the works that have earned these honours. I would also like to thank each and every member of our team for the daily, ongoing commitment that has produced such amazing results. This win instils us with great confidence in our direction as a company, and is a confirmation that our community-focussed approach is one of our greatest strengths.

Kevin McLeod, Maxiflow Managing Director

In a statement on their website, Considerate Constructors said the following about Maxiflow:

Although this was a particularly short duration project, the company demonstrated its real commitment to delivering a quality product to considerate standards. The work area was particularly restrictive, but the insertion of a discrete door lock to prevent dementia-suffering day care patients inadvertently entering the area was commendable, as was the use of the zipped dust sheet affixed to the door frame. With the addition of innovative directional signs, exceptional cleanliness and a highly co-operative stance, the operation demonstrated that even a small site can do something special.

In addition to the company itself supporting various local organisations, the Scheme Monitor noted several examples of local fund-raising activities carried out by individual employees, showing that the culture of support for the community runs throughout the company. Combined with elements such as supporting staff in gaining additional qualifications and offering a number of health services, this company’s considerate effort was of an exceptionally high level and a great example to the industry of what can be achieved on the smallest projects.

Considerate Constructors

Considerate Constructors Most Considerate Company 2013 Trophy

We would like to thank every one of our clients and affiliates for their work in making this achievement possible, with special thanks extended to Norland Managed Services and Cheshire West and Chester council. We would also like to once again sincerely thank Considerate Constructors for this honour, and we hope to return to the awards next year.

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