Drainage works at Chester FC stadium grounds

Chester FC stadium grounds drainage

Previously on the Maxiflow blog, we’ve written about our support for Chester FC and how we’ve taken part in their ‘Backing the Blues’ sponsorship program. We’ve maintained a solid relationship with the club over the years and look forward to working with them whenever we can.

In partnership with Norland Managed Services and TP Construction, we were contracted to solve a drainage problem that was affecting the grounds of Chester FC’s Exacta Stadium (also known as Deva Stadium).

Chester FC stadium grounds overgrown foliage

The overgrown hedge envelops the chain-link fence

At the rear of the car park, near the entrance to the away stand, lies a fenced-off drainage ditch. The ditch serves as a runoff point for the surface water that accumulates on the car park’s tarmac, which is then deposited through a culvert into the neighbouring field. The hedge on the opposite side of the ditch had overgrown to the point where the leaves were reaching through the fence, and wrapping around the concrete posts. The dense foliage had completely overwhelmed the drainage ditch, resulting in rain water flooding back into the car park.

The fence was hampering any attempts to deal with the problem, so it had to be temporarily removed. The leaves and branches poking through the chain links were trimmed back, enabling the fencing to be clipped away from the supporting concrete posts. Approximately 160 metres of fencing was neatly cut into lengths, rolled up and stored.

Chester FC stadium grounds excavation

Excavator unloads earth and foliage into trailer

With the fence out of the way, we were able to cut the thick vegetation back to the correct side of the ditch. This confirmed that the ditch was in a bad state, clogged with debris and earth along its length. The next step was to begin excavation, but first the barbed wire running along the top of the fence had to be stripped away. In a similar manner to the fence itself, the barbed wire was snipped from between the concrete posts, carefully coiled up, and stored.

This allowed for the 6-tonne excavator to do its work. The digger was able to methodically excavate the soil and plant life from the ditch. This debris was deposited in an accompanying tractor-led trailer and relocated to a nearby grass verge. With the ditch now emptied, the culvert was cleared using high-pressure water jetting.

Chester FC stadium grounds cleared ditch

Cleared and restored drainage ditch

With the blockages now removed, the fencing and barbed wire were able to be reinstated and the work was completed. This means that visiting teams’ fans will now be able to enter the Chester FC stadium without getting their socks wet. We call that a good result!

Chester FC stadium before and after

Before and after comparison

We would like to once again thank Chester FC, Norland Managed Services and TP Construction for their help and support in bringing this project to completion.

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