Another excellent monitoring visit from Considerate Constructors!


Maxiflow has enjoyed a productive partnership with Considerate Constructors since registering with the scheme in 2009. We were extremely proud to be declared the Most Considerate Company 2013 in addition to picking up a Gold Award at their National Company Awards last November.

We have written on this blog about previous years’ site reports and the positive feedback we have received from the company’s monitoring team. So it was nice to start 2014 with another highly positive Monitoring Report!

In partnership with Norland Managed Services, Maxiflow has been carrying out the refurbishment of several floors in Goldsmith House, one of Cheshire West & Chester‘s office buildings in Chester city centre.

Once again the company’s high standards of performance are evident throughout the project.

Considerate Constructors’ Site Monitor

Considerate Constructors’ site evaluations are based upon five key factors, namely: Enhancing the appearance of the site, respecting the community, protecting the environment, securing everyone’s safety and caring for the workforce. Quotes from the monitoring report related to these key points are reproduced below:

The site has good signage on the entrance to the building & also directional signage on a lamppost leading to the site; signage was colourful & clear & includes various organisational logos including the 2013 Most Considerate Company logo. The only visible external signs of building work was a skip in the car park, which was neatly protected by double clipped heras fencing. Operatives all appeared smart & wore company branded hi vis plus company branded tops.


All CCS signage & stickers in position & the company has ensured that all are aware of the Scheme & also the fact that the company won Gold & the most Considerate Company award in 2013. All operatives are direct employees and are well aware of general behavioural requirements. The company has noted roof damage on a neighbours property & has taken photographs & informed the owner. Company has fixed a couple of flags outside the building.



The company has an environmental policy & the main contractor has prepared a SWMP; there is actually very little waste arising. […] The site is only a couple of miles from the company headquarters & uses company vans which are monitored regarding fuel use & carbon emissions.


Norland have carried out two H&S inspections to date & Maxiflow have their own arrangements. All operatives are local & the location of the nearby A&E is well known to all […] Appropriate fire evacuation procedures in place & site has own muster point. Excellent example of high quality dust mask being used when cleaning up waste from broken screed.[…] All accidents recorded, none to date.


The company has a very supportive regime & has recently completed a series of staff appraisals; a number of training courses are being organised […] The company also deserves credit for the assistance they have given to a scaffolding sub contractor in obtaining appropriate qualifications. Medical conditions & contact details held & the offer is made for all operatives to obtain a flu jab. All have CSCs cards.


Overall, the report was extremely positive and offered constructive suggestions for future improvements. We hope to have more details about our works at Goldsmith House in the future.

We would like to thank Considerate Constructors’ monitoring team, Norland Managed Services and Cheshire West and Chester for their time and work in making this report possible.

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