Introducing RapidRoof – the 20 minute roof curing system

RapidRoof and Maxiflow in Chester

Maxiflow are proud to announce that we are bringing RapidRoof to our customers in Cheshire and the North West, an amazing new roof curing system that lives up to its name!

RapidRoof is a a durable resin-based waterproofing solution for roofs and walkways. A fresh coat is applied cold, using brushes and rollers, and can dry in as little as 20 minutes!

Traditional curing methods, such as tar, can take up to 24 hours to set, with unpleasant, lingering smells and noisy machinery as part of the package. The speedy RapidRoof system means that a whole roof could be waterproofed in a mere fraction of the time, without the assault on your senses!

RapidRoof Anti-skid roof walkway coating

A huge advantage of RapidRoof is that it is designed to be walked upon. It can be finished with an hard-wearing, anti-skid coating, making it an ideal surface for roofs that have foot traffic. RapidRoof can be used to waterproof balconies, walkways or any other pathway that sees frequent footfall.

for more information about RapidRoof, contact Maxiflow now on 01244 343563, visit our RapidRoof service page or watch the video below:

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