New gutter cleaning service in Chester – Introducing MaxiVac

MaxiVac Gutter Cleaning in Chester

We at Maxiflow are proud to introduce MaxiVac, our brand-new gutter cleaning service!

Combining the expertise of Maxiflow’s Roofing and Drainage departments, MaxiVac combines existing technology to provide a solution to an age-old problem. Read all about it on the new MaxiVac website!

Tricky, previously-inaccessible gutters are no longer a problem, thanks to Maxivac’s innovative ground-based approach to unclogging troublesome gutters. Ladders and scaffolding are a thing of the past, offering a safer, more cost-effective solution to your gutter problems.

Serving Cheshire, Wirral, North Wales and the surrounding area, MaxiVac has applications in domestic, commercial and industrial situations, and has utilities extending beyond gutter cleaning! To find out more, visit the MaxiVac website, request a callback or brochure, or watch the MaxiVac introduction video:

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