Sustainability playing an ‘increasingly important’ role in Maxiflow’s strategies


Cofely GDF Svez Sustainability

Maxiflow Ltd has been invited to become a member of the FM Supply Chain Sustainability School  by one of our clients @CofelyUK all our team embrace the initiative and the positive benefits of being a member will bring to the entire company:

Maxiflow welcomes the focus on developing the right values and code of ethics within our business as this is an approach we have found to be effective. This concept extends throughout Maxiflow from employee development, to health and safety, quality assurance, and productivity improvements throughout the supply chain.

The School  supplychainschool.co.uk represents a common approach to developing sustainability competence in the supply chain and is part of our continued commitment to lead the industry into a brighter, more sustainable future.

Sustainability represents both significant challenges and opportunities for Maxiflow. Our Clients and Partners are demanding more sustainable practices; stakeholders are exerting more pressure and legislation is becoming increasingly stringent. The market for a greener, ethical and more sustainable supply chain is greater than ever

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