Venomous snake loose in Chester?

Snake Maxiflow 22-6-16

One of Maxiflow’s Commercial GasSafe Engineers – Tony Drury recently made a routine call to a house in Mickle Trafford Chester to service a boiler.

On hearing a loud scream from the back garden, Tony ran to see what the commotion was.

To Tony’s surprise there was a very large coiled up snake on the back lawn, not the kind of thing you would expect to find in Mickle Trafford?

Being unsure of the species of the the 8ft – 10ft snake, the reptile then made its escape to a nearby tree. Luckily Tony had a scaffold in his vehicle and calmly and collectively managed to capture the snake and contain it within a box.

The snake was unharmed and was later taken to Chester Zoo for identification and was found to be a Rat Snake.

Perhaps we should add snake catcher to the long list of services that Maxiflow provides to the local community??

Tony later commented “it was only after that I was unsure if the snake was venomous or not.”

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