Anything for the weekend Sir?

One of Maxiflows Joinery operatives – Tyrone Brown was recently on a job in Helsby. After a hard day’s work completed and a job well done, Tyrone went into a shop on his way home, reached into his pocket and suddenly realised – “I can’t find my wallet??” Also, on reaching for his phone, Tyrone realised that his phone had also gone??

After much frantic searching and scratching of the head, Tyrone was bemused as to the fate of his wallet and phone??  He thought they had gone for good??

Tyrone, beside himself with worry then started contemplating cancelling his bank cards when, all of a sudden we received a phone call?? The wallet and phone had been found in Helsby High Street all intact. The kind gentlemen – Simon Worrall was busy at work at the local barbers – Smart Barbers and noticed a Maxiflow van drive off and something fall from the roof of the vehicle. Despite having a long queue of customers, Simon ran outside to pick the items up and take them into his shop for safe-keeping. Simon noticed the Maxiflow logo on the van and gave us a ring to inform Tyrone that he had found his wallet and phone and wanted to return them to him.

Tyrone went up to Helsby the next day to thank Simon and pick up his belongings with a deep sigh of relief.

Maxiflow and Tyrone wish to thank Simon of Smart Barbers, Helsby for this kind gesture in both finding and returning Tyrone’s belongings. It was much appreciated.

So – If your ever in Helsby and you need a trim and something for the weekend!!! – You know where to go!!!


Smart Barbers Helsby



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