Re-instatement Works at 40 Bridge Street

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Maxiflow are currently involved in re-instatement works at 40 Bridge Street in Chester. The shop is presently used by a hairdressing business.

40 Bridge Street is a Tudor style building of 1858 designed by James Harrison and built, in loose Gothic Revival style for Welsby’s wine merchants. A projecting porch, to the north, and a shaped timber bracket, to the south, support a projecting balcony in front of the Row walk.

In excavating for new buildings in this area several bases of Roman character have been discovered at a depth of 4 feet below the surface. They are in their original positions, forming a colonnade, placed four yards apart, resting on large blocks of stone 12 inches thick.

In the cellars is ghostly ‘George’. He has been seen by many of the staff occupying the ground floor.

There has recently been a considerable amount of flood damage to the property. Maxiflow has been commissioned to strip out the property and perform re-instatement works.

This work involves: –

  • Sanitising all the walls in the cellar
  • Form a second room in cellar including new doorway
  • Tiling of walls
  • New timber door frames
  • Plumb in new pipework
  • Install new saniflo
  • Supply and install new timber skirting
  • Re-instate existing boiler and tank
  • Re-paint all walls

Maxiflow will be using local suppliers, where possible to source job materials. All materials used will be from sustainable sources where this is possible. Waste from the works will be segregated and recycled where possible reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill.

Sustainability is at the core of everything that Maxiflow does.


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