My Student Work Experience with Maxiflow by Tom Mitchell

Tom MitchellBishop Heber high school in Malpas and my first year of GCSE examinations taking Resistant materials, Computer Science and Geography as well as the other essential subjects.

In our fourth year at school we have a choice of doing a week of activities organised by the school, or we can opt for a week of work experience whereby we can find out what it is like in a real working environment, providing us with valuable skills for our chosen field of work. I chose work experience, and by doing so I am gaining my experience and extra knowledge by working at Maxiflow in Chester. For a full week I worked helping them with their IT problems and helping out in the office. It has been very enjoyable!
Over the course of this week I have learnt many things about the way Maxiflow runs their business, deals with real life situations and runs their office. Without a fully working office a business cannot be strong or survive. Maxiflow has its outstanding reputation due to the office staff.

I began the day by taking three courses about: –

• Asbestos Awareness
• Manual Handling of equipment on site
• Working at height
It was very interesting learning something new showing me the dangers in detail, outlining all the different problems and safety measures to include when working on site. Next I went on to go through their web page and they tried to find ways that I could try and help them improve their layout and web page. I found it rather fun, being able to help others using what I know.

Today I helped out in the office by creating a spreadsheet, making it easier for the company to complete orders for certain items. Also I did a bit of filing for them so I learned even more skills.

Today I began to learn more about the company by helping with some more of their paperwork and I realised it was more complex than you may think. I really enjoyed today, Kevin the boss showed me a new way of using excel showing me the way that we calculate the cost of items in business. It was different to how I have been taught in school.

Today was a stay in the office day. I started by organising the stationary/supplies cupboard, showing me just how much a working office relies on a large amount of stationary. Then I went out with one of the men and learnt all about all the variety of different jobs Maxiflow deal with. When I got back more paperwork awaited, this time I was checking who had done what for the day and then finally I helped out by cutting out the wage slips. Today was more of a stay in the office day, and I really enjoyed it!

My last day – To start the day I performed a defects inspection, meaning I went round the yard and checked the building work for potential defects in the building work, then I went around inspecting the yard for debris. The next thing I did I enjoyed very much, it involved setting up a computer to be used in a meeting by the directors. I really enjoyed this because it’s something I am good at! Finally to make it look presentable, I wrote up my report neatly and also wrote it up on the computer.


During the course of the week I have gained much knowledge about building maintenance and how Maxiflow deal with problems they are given. It was quite informative and enjoyable. I feel lucky to have worked alongside these men and women and hope that I am as lucky in the future with my future employers.

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