So your buying a House or Commercial Premises?

nadc-logo-3So you are buying a house or maybe a commercial premises? Either way it’s very important to have a survey. You’ve had the roof checked? Searched for damp and made sure that the structure is sound but have you checked the drains? Drain surveys are sometimes overlooked but are clearly important and are often a requirement of mortgage lenders and insurance companies prior to the exchange of contracts.

Any survey on a potential property purchase should always include a homebuyer’s drainage survey to make sure things go where they should when they leave your sink, shower or toilet. Also damaged drains can cause significant structural damage.

The National Association of Drainage Contractors website @nacduk is the place to go to find your certified Drainage Surveyor. The NADC website contains a database of Drainage Surveyors across the UK. Using a NADC certified surveyor means that you are getting the best information on your new home. An NADC Drainage Surveyor will provide you with a concise, easy to understand report which will include:

  1. Structural Conditional Reporting
  2. Identification of misconnections
  3. Drainage System Ownership
  4. Mapping of the Drainage System.
  5. Detection of Vermin Infestation
  6. Accurate location of Structural defects

It is likely a drain survey will require a specialist, very much like an electrical or damp survey. Make sure that your specialist is fully qualified. It Makes sense.

So if you are looking for a NADC Certified Drain Surveyor? Look no further than Maxiflow!!!

Call Luke on 07740 611456 for further details.


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