Maxiflow plumbers save the day!!!!

duke_of_lancastersMaxiflow employee Paul Goulbourne recently had a bit of a mishap with his Trombone.

I play trombone in the Army Reserve band of the Duke of Lancasters Regimental band. I was cleaning my instrument getting ready for a passing out parade at the Army Training Centre, Pirbright, Surrey at the weekend when disaster struck and my F valve fell off. Without this, the instrument is unplayable.

Being ever resourceful I thought how can I solve this problem??? I know brass instruments are just complex pieces of plumbing. I will take my trombone to work and ask a Maxiflow plumber to fix it.

The repair was quite complex as it involved using a special type of lead soldering and resetting a spring which were both extremely delicate jobs to do. The repair was also risky, the instrument would be £3000 to replace if the repair went wrong.

Tony and Pete ended up saving the day with their excellent plumbing skills. The instrument is now good as new!!!!

If you need a complex plumbing job doing, Maxiflow is your 1st choice!!!!

Phone Tony on 07719 107248.

Maxiflow is proud to support all serving members and Veterans of our Armed Forces and is signed up to the Armed forces Covenent @defencehq.


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