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Graffiti & Gum Removal

  • Defeated by graffiti?
  • Gum making you glum?
  • Stuck for a solution?

Maxiflow can help you! Most towns and cities in Britain have massive problems with unwanted graffiti in prominent public spaces, and the un-biodegradable nightmare of chewing gum can quickly turn a beauty spot into an unsightly blight. We have the tools to stop gum & graffiti from spoiling your urban environment.


Chewing Gum Removal

Despite educational and instructional efforts, chewing gum continues to be improperly discarded, causing wads of messy and environmentally unfriendly goop to spoil pavements and streets. Maxiflow Drainage uses environmentally friendly equipment to remove the gum and debris from surfaces such as tarmac, stone and concrete (plus many more) leaving them completely free from debris.

Graffiti Removal

At Maxiflow Drainage our high pressure cleaning equipment, combined with the most effective range of environmentally-friendly graffiti removal products, are able to clean off graffiti from any type of porous and non-porous surface.

Maxiflow – Professional Drainage Technicians in Chester

With our highly-skilled team of experienced drainage technicians, Maxiflow can guarantee a top-quality service to all our customers. We specialise in grafitti and gum removal, so our speed, efficiency and price cannot be beaten!

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