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Home Drainage Check

  • A blockage can be difficult to detect in its early stages.
  • Effectively monitoring troublesome areas increases the health of your drainage system.
  • Keep costs down by finding problems before they cause a disaster.
  • Our operatives are Water Jetting Association certified members.
  • We are a company you can trust.

Maxiflow are proud to offer a comprehensive Health Check for your home drainage system. We assess every facet of your home’s surface water run-off and waste piping capabilities in one comprehensive package, giving you complete peace of mind.

As all homes are different, it is possible that not every point on this list will apply to your property’s configuration.

The 26-point checklist

  1. Inspect all manhole covers for damage
  2. Inspect manhole covers for correct loading
  3. Inspect manholes for trip or slip hazards
  4. Inspect gutters to check for blockages
  5. Inspect gutters for damage
  6. Inspect gutters for protective paint protection
  7. Inspect downpipe fixings
  8. Inspect downpipe for blockages
  9. Inspect downpipe for damage
  10. Inspect downpipe for protective paint protection
  11. Inspect sinks
  12. Inspect baths
  13. Inspect showers
  14. Inspect toilet
  15. Inspect any gullies for debris build-up and loss of capacity
  16. Inspect gullies for damage
  17. Inspect gullies & grates for debris build-up and blocked holes
  18. Inspect gullies & grates for damage
  19. Inspect soil vent pipe fixings
  20. Inspect soil vent pipe for blockages
  21. Inspect soil vent pipe for damage
  22. Inspect soil vent pipe protective paint coating
  23. Inspect all waste pipe fixings
  24. Inspect all waste pipes for blockages
  25. Inspect all waste pipes for damage
  26. Inspect toilet connection

Total Cost: ONLY £99

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