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Moling (Trenchless Pipe Laying)

  • Need new pipes laying?
  • Don’t want large trenches dug on your property?
  • Want a cost-effective solution?

Maxiflow can help you! We are at the leading edge of trenchless pipe-laying technology, and our impact moling technique allows us to install a drainage system with minimal disruption.


What is moling?

Impact moling is a method used to lay underground pipes. After being placed in a small excavation, a piece of machinery known as a ‘mole’ burrows through the ground, placing the pipes as it goes.

Environmentally friendly

Moling is suitable for use in many types of terrain, including soil, clay and silt. The percussive ‘arm’ of the mole gently displaces soil and other terrain, making it suitable for environmentally sensitive areas.

Minimal disruption

Moling only requires two small holes to be dug – at the start and end of the pipe run. The mole can burrow as far as 20m at a time, which means a lot less digging than using traditional techniques.

Great versatility

This technique can be used to lay pipes in domestic areas such as gardens, paths and driveways. Moling also has industrial applications, allowing for working underneath private and public areas such as roads, railways, golf courses and car parks.


Moling requires less equipment and is far quicker than traditional trench-led methods of drain replacement. This speed and efficiency allows us to pass the savings on to our cusomers and clients.

Maxiflow – Professional Drainage Technicians in Chester

With our highly-skilled team of experienced drainage technicians, Maxiflow can guarantee a top-quality service to all our customers. We specialise in no-dig drain repair and replacement, so our speed, efficiency and price cannot be beaten!

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