• A serviced boiler is a safe boiler – just like an MOT on your car.
  • A regularly-serviced boiler is less likely to break down.
  • All gas boilers are serviced in compliance with its manufacturer’s instruction.
  • Our operatives are GAS SAFE certified engineers.
  • We are a company you can trust.

Maxiflow are proud to offer a comprehensive domestic gas health check, for inspecting your home boiler and central heating system.

Traditionally, services for domestic boilers and heaters have been designed to fix standing problems and/or diagnose a limited subsection of issues, which can lead to trouble if a fault develops elsewhere along the chain.

This package goes leaps and bounds beyond a cursory examination – we inspect every aspect of your home heating system and guarantee you complete peace of mind.

Maxiflow Domestic Gas Health Check

The 19-point checklist

    Section A – Boiler service:
  1. Carry out Gas Safety check to boiler (including pipework installation) for gas leaks.
  2. Thoroughly clean and sanitise all parts in the gas boiler (if required).
  3. Test working gas pressure (adjust if required).
  4. Check burner pressure (adjust if required).
  5. Inspect gas rate (adjust to manufacturer’s specification if required).
  6. Check for satisfactory ventilation, in accordance with current building regulations.
  7. Analyse flue to check for any history of Carbon Monoxide gas.
  8. Ensure the thermocouple, vitiating sensor and flame supervision device perform to Gas Safe regulation.
  9. Section B – Central heating inspection:
  10. Check mains water pressure.
  11. Inspect pressure on all radiators and check for air locks.
  12. Conduct infra-red thermal test to radiators.
  13. Assess radiators for water leaks and corrosion.
  14. Check condition of all tanks and cylinders.
  15. Test waste pipe to condensing boiler.
  16. Monitor for presence of Carbon Monoxide gas.
  17. Check all pumps and motorised valves.
  18. Check all room stats, cylinder stats, and time programmes.
  19. Carry out smoke test to flue, checking for any blockages (and reporting to client).
  20. On completion of satisfactory test, issue an up-to-date Gas Safe certificate.

Total Cost: ONLY £99

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