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CompetentRoofer Scheme

We at Maxiflow Roofing are members of the National Federation of Roofing Contractors’ CompetentRoofer scheme.

This means we are members of the prime Government-approved scheme for England and Wales that legally allows professional roofing contractors to self-certify for Building Regulations for refurbishment roofing work.

The following regulations encompass all roofing types for domestic, industrial and commercial properties.


How Maxiflow complies

Many jobs undertaken need to be notified to and authorised by Local Authority Building Control (LABC) and in many cases this includes work performed on your roof.

By using Maxiflow, who are members of the CompetentRoofer scheme, property owners will save not only time and money but will have the added reassurance that the work carried out meets the exacting standards of Building Regulations.

  1. Before work on a roof is carried out, the Local Council (i.e. the Local Area Building Control) will be informed by Maxiflow of the intention to carry out work.
  2. Details and extent of the proposed work will be confirmed to the LABC within an application to repair/renovate.
  3. Work can begin prior to approval in the case of emergency repairs.
  4. Maxiflow will contact The Building Control who will inspect the work periodically to ensure compliance with the building regulations and the drawings / specifications supplied in the application. A Completion Certificate will be issued at the end if the contract.

What happens if this process is not carried out?

  1. There is a maximum fine of £5000.00 for each instance of non-compliance with the regulations and this would fall on the homeowner and/or the roofing contractor.
  2. Roof work may be halted if started without the LABC being informed and any work opened up for inspection.
  3. If work is carried out without a Building Control completion certificate then the homeowner will experience difficulties when coming to sell the house.


‘Part L’ Regulation objectives

The Objective of Part L of the Building Regulations 2006 is to reduce the energy use in buildings by at least 20% compared with 2002 regulations

The regulations come into effect when 50% or more of a roof’s area is being refurbished. In simple terms it means that the whole of that roof must be brought up to the thermal efficiency demanded by the current regulations.

In most refurbishment instances (unless the existing roof meets a minimum “U” value) this will require the provision of additional thermal insulation to achieve an improved “U” value in accordance with the regulations. This includes a strip and re-roof, or even just the provision of a new layer of waterproofing, to upgrade the thermal performance of the roof.

The homeowner cannot opt out from having their insulation upgraded to Part L unless it can be proved that the payback period (to the building) will be more than 15 years or the work is not technically feasible.

If such an upgrade is not technically or functionally feasible or would not achieve a simple pay back of 15 years or less, the element should be upgraded to the best standard that is technically and functionally feasible and which can be achieved within a simple payback period no greater than 15 years.

In summary

What guarantees do you get with a Maxiflow roof?

  • Accountability – Maxiflow are fully-certified members of the Government’s CompetentRoofer scheme.
  • Regulation – Maxiflow are compliant and up to date with all current Building Regulations.
  • Reliability – Maxiflow are professional contractors who were thoroughly inspected prior to acceptance and undergo regular inspections.

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