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Forensic Marking

  • Prestige lead installation?
  • High-value commodity?
  • Worried about thefts?

Maxiflow can help you! We are partnered with RedWeb Technologies, providing cutting-edge security solutions for your roof installations.


Asset Marker Gel and Grease

RedWeb Security provide arguably the most advanced forensic marking products on today’s market, including their leading Molecular Taggent technology. Asset Marker gel and grease products are saturated with microscopic beads, each batch of which is encoded with a unique identifier.

When we coat your lead roof installation with a RedWeb product, we register the unique Molecular Taggent with a centralised database, guaranteeing that your asset ownership can be 100% verified in the event of theft. The grease and gel also transfers onto the perpetrators’ skin and clothing, persisting at a microscopic level (even through washing and scrubbing) and providing an indelible link back to the crime.

Other tagging products can require a relatively large sample area (up to 1cm²) to correctly identify the DNA signature, whereas RedWeb’s specialist equipment can detect the Molecular Taggent down to the level of an individual bead (1 x 50 micron).

Key Features

  • More readable, and is 500 times more sensitive than existing DNA taggent technology.
  • Forensic identification of a code origin is achievable from 1 x 50 micron particle.
  • Fluorescent taggent beads.
  • Resistant to attack by battery acid, hydrochloric acid, heat (up to 200°C) and chemicals.
  • Biologically attached UV tag.
  • Trillions of unique codes available, so there is no chance of a code being duplicated, compromising forensic analysis and conviction.

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