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Electronic Leak Detection

  • Does your roof have a leak?
  • Not sure where it is?
  • Need non-invasive technology?

Maxiflow can help you! Traditionally, the process for finding leaks was simple and crude – flood the roof and find the areas where the water seeps through. However, this method is imprecise (it can only tell you that a leak is present, not where it is occurring), time-consuming (it can take a while for the water to seep through) and obviously has the potential to cause further problems.

Electronic Leak Detection (ELD) technologies have been developed in response to these issues. There are two primary ELD methods and Maxiflow can advise on the best solution to suit your needs.

Electronic Leak Detection - Dry Method

Electrical Earth Leakage Testing (‘Wet’)

A ‘wet’ test, as the name suggests, requires the roof to be lightly dampened. This thin layer of water allows for a low-voltage current to be sent across the surface of the roof. Because many roofing materials act as an insulator, any holes in the membrane will allow the water to reach the deck underneath, which will have a different level of conductivity.

By tracking differences in the electric field generated by the directly-applied current, the roof surface can be ‘mapped’ and any leaking areas can be identified.

Holiday Detector Testing (‘Dry’)

The ‘dry’ test is the ideal option in favourable weather conditions or in situations where the detection technology is required to be 100% non-destructive. As with the ‘wet’ test, holiday detection can only be performed on a non-conductive roof membrane.

The detection equipment consists of a phosphor bronze brush charged with a stabilised high-voltage current. The brush is methodically swept across the entire roof surface. If the bristles manage to find a hole in the roof membrane, they will come into contact with the more-conductive material underneath. This will not only register on the detector, but will also cause a visible spark as the voltage is discharged to earth.

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