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RapidRoof Curing System

  • Need a waterproofing solution for your roof?
  • Does it need to be applied quickly?
  • Will it have to withstand foot traffic?

Maxiflow can help you! The RapidRoof Rapid Curing Roofing System is a resin-based waterproofing solution for your roof. It can be quickly applied and cures in only 20 minutes!

Maxiflow Roofing Services in Chester are experienced roofing contractors, and we can deliver a professional, custom-designed package to suit your needs.

What is RapidRoof?

RapidRoof is a Methyl Methacrylate Monomer (MMA) resin-based coating. It can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces, such as timber, concrete, asphalt, metal and more! RapidRoof creates a tough, durable, waterproof membrane that can easily withstand foot traffic without cracking or tearing.

How is RapidRoof applied?

RapidRoof is applied using rollers or brushes. Unlike other roof coatings (such as tar) RapidRoof is applied cold, meaning that a project can be completed without loud, heavy industrial equipment and at a lower cost. It can even be applied at temperatures as low as -30°C!

Maxiflow RapidRoof Foot Traffic Balcony and Roof System

What are the finish options?

The RapidRoof system consists of a two-coat membrane. The top membrane has a variety of finishes available to suit the requirements of your roof or balcony. The standard waterproof membrane finishes smooth and can be provided in seven colours (special order only). If the area is a designated walkway, an anti-skid mixture can be applied. Due to the quick application time of RapidRoof, the walkway could be reopened to foot traffic within an hour!

What are additional advantages of RapidRoof?

  • 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Has an elasticity of up to 200%
  • Fully bonded to the roof substrate, so it is resistant to wind uplift
  • Can be applied on top of virtually any gradient, from horizontal to vertical

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Maxiflow – Professional Roofers in Chester

With our highly-skilled team of experienced roofers, Maxiflow can guarantee a top-quality service to all our customers. We specialise in waterproof roofing solutions, so our speed, efficiency and price cannot be beaten!

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