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Maxiflow can help you! Maxiflow Solar is an innovative design and enabling company that can provide sustainable building solutions and renewable energy products for residential and commercial applications. We are providing the marketplace with solutions to integrate solar power into roof systems with minimal penetrations and interruptions with ease. We are leading the way in on-site installations for solar photovoltaic panels in the UK.

Maxiflow Photovoltaic Panels

Experienced constructors

Our solar products can be integrated into our construction processes making these products easy to add, even during retrofit applications. This allows us to be cost competitive.

Advanced Green Technologies

Maxiflow Solar is the first photovoltaic partner in the UK for Advanced Green Technologies (AGT) for the use of photovoltaic solar panels on Firestone EPDM roofing membranes. As a leading partner for AGT, we offer the most advanced and efficient solutions to its clients.

Green Certification

Maxiflow Solar connects the sustainable construction industry with the leading providers of photovoltaic solutions. Maxiflow Solar allows our clients to take part in the advancement of green technologies through education, certification, and installation.

Maxiflow – Professional Roofers in Chester

With our highly-skilled team of experienced roofers, Maxiflow can guarantee a top-quality service to all our customers. We specialise in EPDM flat rubber roofing, so our speed, efficiency and price cannot be beaten!

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