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The Sustainability Movement in Roofing is back at School

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As my training in roofing carries on, I have been reminded that about a ten years ago, sustainability burst on to the roofing scene and turned the new ‘it’ phrase that roofing contractors — and the manufacturers and distributors that supply them — latched onto as they strived to infuse environmental consciousness in their company designs.

While some of the excitement about the sustainability movement have heard authorities warning not to confuse that with a misplaced idea of diminished relevance to the all round market.

Simply put, sustainability is still developing and will require everybody’s input.

A modern study from the CTI, which scientific studies, industries, initiatives in the market for traditional retrofits — like inexperienced roofs — on public and privately owned professional properties to develop from £85 billion very last calendar year to £132billion by 2020 close to the globe. That is a compound yearly progress rate of 9.2%.

Following several years of relative stagnation in comparison to other continents, the trend seems to be increasing strongly in the UK, exactly where the environmentally friendly-roof marketplace was valued at £130 million in 2015. The CTI Study report estimates the benefit could swell to a lot more than £582 million in just the subsequent 4 years.

Issues in pricing as effectively as educating roofing contractors on the latest inexperienced-roofing technology stay, but pushing sustainable options to clients can be nonetheless be a essential differentiator for roofing contractors in their respective markets, and is an important part of Maxiflow’s overall business strategy.

Paul Goulbourne from Maxiflow Ltd bolstered that notion at Sustainability School  we all need to do more.

Paul from Maxiflow Ltd  works with clients to comprehend the processes and advantages of incorporating sustainability attributes into their enterprise product during the partaking seminar session. They hope their clients walked away influenced with the information that they can achieve distinctive rewards and continue to be ahead of the game by turning out to be savvier when it arrives to the goods, programs and services related with sustainability.

“High performance roofs really don’t happen by chance, but with appropriate design, good quality materials and experienced craftsmanship they can offer clients peace of head and contractors repeat company,” paul mentioned.

The professionals also weighed in on some of the most significant misconceptions contractors have about sustainability.

Obviously in the UK , awesome roofing systems like Firestone EPDM are an benefit, but they don’t usually have to be extremely reflective. Ballasted assemblies and vegetative roofs offer related ‘cool roof’ advantages, paul stated. In the UK, highly-reflective roof surfaces are seldom the most power successful on an individual constructing basis.

A single biggest misconceptions is that a reflective roof surface will someway compensate for decrease stages of insulation due to the perceived expenditure of cooling vs . heating. Basic calculations and a evaluate of frequent sense dictate that a lot more vitality is saved with suitable levels of insulation, which gives its benefit 24 several hours a day and at zero operational cost. Inevitably, roofs get dirty and will get rid of some reflectivity in excess of time.

An additional typical misunderstanding is that all low VOC adhesives smell. Even though that may possibly have been the scenario in the earlier, a new era of solvent-totally free bonding adhesives are odorless.

“All new systems are being designed to support contractors accomplish their goals of low-value installations that are sustainable, and of system profitable,” Paul explained.

Finally, as the need for Zero emission properties grows,  can position themselves to be element of the solution. Roofers recognize what requirements are currently in location and their alternatives to attain these lofty objectives. The very same amount of conversation a roofing contractor will develop with an operator ought to be prolonged to the relaxation of the design and style and building group.

Maxiflow is Working together, designers, manufactures and roofing contractors can add mightily to the entire of the envelope method, one constructing at a time,” Paul said.

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Sustainability playing an ‘increasingly important’ role in Maxiflow’s strategies


Cofely GDF Svez Sustainability

Maxiflow Ltd has been invited to become a member of the FM Supply Chain Sustainability School  by one of our clients @CofelyUK all our team embrace the initiative and the positive benefits of being a member will bring to the entire company:

Maxiflow welcomes the focus on developing the right values and code of ethics within our business as this is an approach we have found to be effective. This concept extends throughout Maxiflow from employee development, to health and safety, quality assurance, and productivity improvements throughout the supply chain.

The School  supplychainschool.co.uk represents a common approach to developing sustainability competence in the supply chain and is part of our continued commitment to lead the industry into a brighter, more sustainable future.

Sustainability represents both significant challenges and opportunities for Maxiflow. Our Clients and Partners are demanding more sustainable practices; stakeholders are exerting more pressure and legislation is becoming increasingly stringent. The market for a greener, ethical and more sustainable supply chain is greater than ever

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Environmentally-friendly, carbon-reducing roofing in Wallasey

Carbon Reducing Roofing in Wallasey

We talk a lot about how important it is for everyone to do their bit to help save the planet, and a lot of people could help out by replacing their roof! In partnership with the National Federation of Roofing Contractors’ (NFRC) CompetentRoofer scheme, we at Maxiflow make it our mission to achieve this goal for as many people as possible.

Did you know that there is a government policy in England, Wales and Scotland that requires all new roofs, and all roofs undergoing works that cover 50% or more of its surface, to be thermally efficient? The requirements are laid out in Part L of the Building Regulations, and state that roofs need to have extra thermal insulation added to bring them up to a higher standard. This can include measures like a new layer of waterproofing, which can do wonders for upgrading a building’s thermal efficiency.

Clay tile domestic roofing in Wallasey by Maxiflow

For example, at a recent domestic roofing job in Wallasey, Wirral, we helped a family significantly reduce their carbon output. The visible works on the property involved stripping off their existing roof tiles and re-covering the roof in 10″ x 6″ plain clay tiles. What you can’t see from the photographs is the layer of heat-retaining insulation that we added, alongside a felt underlay which allows moisture to drain away from the roof. We also renewed the property’s roofline by fitting all-new uPVC fascia boards, soffits and gutters.

The neighbours were very impressed with the lack of disruption to themselves and how your team cleaned up each day.

Mrs Jones

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Did your roof keep you warm this winter?

Layered loft insulation

Spring has definitely arrived here in Cheshire and we’re enjoying the consistent, undramatic weather while it lasts!

With the seasons taking a turn for the warmer, now is the perfect time to take stock of how your home fared during the coldest months:

  • Was your central heating running significantly more often than in the past month?
  • Are you someone who likes to stay toasty warm all year round or do you wait until your teeth are chattering before you switch on your radiators?
  • Have a look at your heating bills from winter, how much did it cost to keep your home at a comfortable temperature?

Bear in mind that we experienced a very mild winter, especially in contrast to previous years, and you may find your answers surprising.

Glass fibre loft insulation

Maxiflow recently installed a new roof on a house in Littleton, Cheshire and we took the opportunity to document the insulation process.

We wanted to demonstrate that insulation is an integral part of a well-constructed roof and should not be an afterthought.

We have worked on many properties where insulation was fitted on its own, and even with top-quality workmanship it can often fall short of the complete coverage provided when installed with a new roof.

We installed rigid PIR insulation, topped with 7 layers of quilt fabric, providing this house with unparalleled heat retention.

So it’s worth considering the effectiveness of your current insulation while the weather is fair, because this winter you could end up saving a lot of money off your heating bill. plus, you’d be doing your bit for the planet by reducing your carbon footprint!

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Re-roofing Chester Zoo accommodation

Maxiflow tiling & slating

Continuing our commitment to carbon reduction, Maxiflow have replaced the roof on a property owned by Chester Zoo.

Upgrading your home’s insulation is one of the most pro-active steps you can take for a low-carbon future.

As we all know, laws of convection cause the heat generated by your central heating system to rise, meaning that a shocking amount of thermal energy can be lost through inadequately constructed and shielded roofs.

By minimizing the amount of heat your home loses, you can reduce your resource expenditure as well as saving yourself money on gas/electric bills.

Before a Maxiflow Roof Replacement

Before a Maxiflow Roof Replacement

This project involved a complete roof refurbishment, owing to the property’s roof reaching the end of its practical life.

In addition to the highly visible and attractive re-tiling work, the insulation was completely upgraded. Maxiflow can now guarantee a cosy winter for the Zoo’s offsite accommodation.

After a Maxiflow Roof Replacement

After a Maxiflow Roof Replacement

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