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One of the biggest enemies of your roof is actually Snow or Ice.

Snow Pic


In no way try to fix a roof when it is raining, snowing, or even the weather is freezing. When your roof is wet or slippery, you might stop up slipping, leading to significant personal injury as well as death. If you are undertaking your own roof covering yourself, work on this when it is sunny and also dry outdoors and you also use the correct PPE and also Obtain equipment.

Whenever adding new roof tiles which can result in your roof vulnerable, make sure they fit as snug as a bug in a rug. If they’re sometimes slightly loosened, water can easily seep inside them by means of capillary action, causing you headaches you don’t need. Pick the best size to spare by yourself with problems in the future.

By no means attempt to repair your roof while the conditions are hazardous. Your roof can wait until the weather conditions improves, and you need to be more concerned with your own basic safety than the state of your home’s roof. Any thunder or wind storms could cause further damage anyway, there really is not much use in trying fix it until finally it all ends.

When you are considering a roof contractor learn about their expertise. Try asking for how long they’ve been in business. If they have been doing business for a minimum of several years, that usually shows that they have been established and they also have a solid understanding of roofing systems and techniques check if they’re accredited to any professional bodies , definitely not those you simply pay a subscription to.

Have a leak in your roof covering? Check out your gutters. Your gutters of your house can easily come to be blocked, and could be a major cause of leakages, particularly if they haven’t yet recently been cleaned out fairly recently. If you see they are filled with debris, like leaves, be sure to call MaxiVac who will clean them out with there brand-new rain gutter cleaning system.

Ensure that you hire a roofing company who has a locatable, permanent business address definitely not generally there home address. Should you hire a roofing company who does not currently have a permanent place of business, you face being scammed. Additionally, when the roofing contractor you actually hire does a great job, it can be helpful to possess said contractor’s permanent contact details on hand when you have any further issues with your home’s roof in the foreseeable future.

To avoid a typical rip-off roofing companies engage in, don’t pay anything to your contractor in advance, definitely not even for supplies, just about any legitimate roofing company really should have the cash flow to complete the work. Some companies will ask for a down payment in advance to pay for the supplies, you actually should pay them on completion of the work and you have received all the warranties and Building Control paperwork (part L required by Law).

Lead roofs certainly are a very expensive alternative. However, if you’re able to have the funds for the Lead roofing materials, this can be a very beautiful alternative. As the Lead ages, the Lead turns a Dark Grey coloration that accents most residences very well. Even though this is an expensive alternative, anyone that sees your house will be amazed.

In the wintertime, make sure your roof comes with ice shields, snow boards to protect conservatories and extensions. Also, make sure it’s got proper ventilation. Your house is heated and requires ventilation to prevent condensation to the interior of rooms.

When choosing any roofing company to work on your own property, make sure they’ve got Public liability and Employee insurance for at least 10,000,000.00. For starters, if your roofer provides this type of insurance, you will be confident that they’re trustworthy. Secondly, should anything happen to your roof because they’re working on it, their insurance will pay for just about any problems.

If you currently have any kind of roof issues please don’t hesitate to make contact with Maxiflow on 01244 330019 or kevin@maxiflow.co.uk

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Restoration of the Willaston Memorial plaque

Willaston Memorial Plaque restoration header

This weekend marks Remembrance Sunday, a day the entire nation pays tribute to our countrymen who have fallen in times of war.

We will be commemorating the memories of our lost friends and family in private by observing two minutes’ silence at 11am.

On the same day, Christ Church in Willaston will be paying public tribute to their local heroes by unveiling a brand-new memorial plaque.

Willaston Memorial Plaque restoration by Maxiflow and Enterprise

Photo courtesy of The Daily Telegraph

Last year, the memorial was targeted by reprehensible thieves who stole the previous plaque for its saleable metals. We were on hand to repair the stonework the day after the theft, in a report which was featured on Granada Reports.

The story even caught the attention of the national press, and has recently been featured twice in the Daily Telegraph, illustrating the effect that such disgusting and thoughtless actions have on the public consciousness.

In partnership with Enterpise PLC, we have been hard at work sourcing a replacement plaque for the memorial, in addition to devising an updated security solution to deter future thefts.

This co-ordination has taken many months’ worth of tireless effort by a team including Warren Beatty, Maxiflow Building Contracts Director and Richard Whaley, Cheshire Building Supervisor for Enterprise Property Solutions (pictured above left).

The new plaque was cast in Australia, with attention being paid to ensure every detail, from the lettering to the paintwork, was an appropriate tribute to the brave soldiers it is honouring.

Willaston Memorial Plaque restoration by Maxiflow and Enterprise

After a long and careful journey, the plaque has been reinstated in its rightful place at Christ Church. The restored memorial will be officially unveiled at a ceremony on the morning of Sunday 11th November.

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Public toilet vandalism at Whitby Park, Ellesmere Port

Whitby Park Public Toilet Vandalism

Maxiflow were contacted to assess the damage caused in a recent incident at Whitby Park in Ellesmere Port.

The doors to the public toilet facilities have been damaged by vandals, suspected to be a group of youths who have been observed loitering near the area after dark.

All three toilet doors have been kicked repeatedly in an attempt to break the night-time locks which secure the outbuilding.

Disabled Public Toilet Vandalism

The male toilet door was worst hit, suffering a broken lock and shattered frame.

Perhaps most disheartening is the attempted destruction of the disabled toilet facility’s door. Though the lock held, the damage is great enough to both the door and frame to require a complete replacement of both.

The female toilet door remained relatively unscathed and the lock was not breached, evidently the vandals were either spooked away during their attempt or simply became bored with their mindless violence.

Public Toilet Vandalism in Ellesmere Port

This is not the first such incident at the facility, with the outbuilding’s drainpipes having been pulled from their housing some weeks prior.

In the short term, Maxiflow will be repairing all three doors and fitting upper and lower deadlocks to increase security. As a long term solution we are considering installing completely new doors and frames, re-hinged to opening outwards to prevent being kicked inwards.

We are consulting with our clients on preventative solutions to deter night-time vandalism in the park, such as installation of a ‘mosquito alarm’. These devices emit an unpleasant high-pitched tone which can only be heard by youths, theoretically keeping bored teenagers away from area where they can cause pointless crimes such as these.

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New Metal Theft In Ellesmere Port

Metal theft from Walmsley Furniture roof in Ellesmere Port

A business in the center of Ellesmere Port has become the latest victim of metal theft in the Cheshire area.

The Walmsley Furniture store on Marina Walk contacted Maxiflow because they believed the recent high winds in the north west of England had blown off part of their roof.

However, when Maxiflow Roofing investigated we discovered the telltale signs of vandalism and determined that this incident was the work of unscrupulous metal thieves.

Roof damage at Walmsley Furniture in Ellesmere Port

The copper sheeting had been stripped from the roof of the building’s lift shaft, leaving the shuttering exposed and the structure susceptible to damage from rainwater and/or the ongoing strong winds.

Our growing archive of metal thefts from local roofs reinforces the need for home and business owners alike to stay vigilant about the potentially valuable metals (such as lead or copper) that are installed on their roofs.

In addition to traditional security measures such as CCTV, Maxiflow are advocates for Molecular Taggent technology, a type of forensic marking that can provide an indelible link back to a crime.

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Lead theft at National Waterways Museum

Lead theft at National Waterways Museum, Ellesmere Port

The National Waterways Museum in Ellesmere Port has become the latest establishment to be hit by lead thieves, adding to the growing number of occurrences of this crime in the Cheshire area.

Formerly known as The Boat Museum, the NWM plays an important part in preserving the heritage of the local area. Detailing the history of the vibrant trade hub and transport network that gave Ellesmere Port its name, the museum also hosts a diverse array of exhibitions and events throughout the year which provide fun and education for the whole family.

The lead was stolen from the roofs of Porters Row, a series of cottages which recreate the domestic details of life at the docks throughout several different time periods.

Porters Row Cottages at National Waterways Museum, Ellesmere Port

The roll-top ridges atop the cottages sadly aren’t looking quite so authentic anymore thanks to the vandals who have stripped away the lead. Maxiflow will be repairing the damage and replacing the lead with a substitute which has no resale value.

It’s a sad blow to historic accuracy, but these measures will help prevent any further loss to an important institution.

Porters Row Cottages at National Waterways Museum, Ellesmere Port

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